The Rapid CEO – Weekly Review: Thanks To Sauder / Ronald Lee & Minna Van

by George Moen on March 22, 2012

This week was a blur to say the least. I do a lot of networking but this one was probably the most intense I can remember. There were lots of meetings at both the High Output Business Network ( HOBN ) and even more at Rapid Time Networks ( RTN ).

I get a large number of requests to have coffee , lunch and dinner with people. They want to meet and hang out and many times they ask for insight and want to bounce ideas off of me. My day would be filled with such requests if I took everyone up on their offer. So I thought I would start posting more information to my blog about questions I get so I can share them and in a way fill the requests I get.

There are a lot of benefits to networking and one is that I get to meet the most interesting people who are doing amazing things. The one thing I have come away with this week is the amount of innovation and creativity that is actually going on.

I was at three events other than Rapid Time Networks and High Output Network. On Tuesday I was a guest of a new club eProjects from UBC. Each table had folks like me from the Business community and we got to sit with 8-10 students. These young folks are smart and have great insight into their world. To say they were keen would be an understatement. I could go on and on about them but our future is bright. If you ever get an invite make sure you go. You will learn more from them than they learn from you.

Thursday was super intense and I spoke about Rapid Time Networks to two well-established Meetup Groups in Vancouver. First, I was at Ronald Lee’s Vancouver-Business & Entrepreneur Meetup Group (he has over 1700 on his Meetup list). He runs a great meeting with great networking opportunities and it is very affordable for only $5.00 at the door. You should join and drop in once in a while. The price may change depending on the venue but it is well worth the price. Thank you Ronald for inviting me.

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Then I was off to the Network Hub and an event hosted by Minna Van. She is arguably the first lady of Networking in Vancouver. I got to the event just as they were wrapping up a Dragon’sDen style program and this again supports the notion that there is a lot of innovation going on in this town. This is also a big group with 2800 members. The event is free but donations of wine are appreciated.

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Special thanks goes out to Chang Han and Ricky Shetty for keeping me on time. It was
like having “handlers” – too funny!

This week also saw the launch of a new Rapid Time Networks sponsored site called “Hot Dot Tel” where we are finding really high quality domains still available. We are
posting one per day. I will be posting to my blog in the very near future why I think this should be of interest to the business community.

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Coming Soon: Hot Dot Tel’s And Why You Should Secure Your Online Brands!

George Moen – The Rapid CEO

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