Time to “Ruin The Bruin” from “JOHNNY CANUCK”

June 11, 2011
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Maëlle Ricker’s Gold Medal Run – A Sponsor’s Perspective

March 9, 2010

Below is a section of an E-Mail that I wrote the day after Maëlle Ricker won her Gold Medal for the SBX on Feb 16th 2010. As one of her sponsors, we at Blenz Coffee were under very specific VANOC guidelines regarding any discussions and promotions regarding an Olympian, so we felt it was in [...]

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Entrepreneur Showcase, Small Business BC

October 7, 2009

Originally posted in 2009 but the same points are valid today as they were then. Key Success Strategies For Any Entrepreneur I had the pleasure of being the “featured speaker” at the BC Small Business Entrepreneur Showcase and networking event on Oct 7th 2009 in Vancouver. Oct. is small biz month and these folks have [...]

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Why I bought http://www.georgemoen.tel and why you will get yours!

September 9, 2009

My Success is all because of the network I built. So what do I do about it? Or, Dot Tel (.tel): Why I bought www.georgemoen.tel and why you will get yours! I can remember the first time I was asked if I had an EMail address on the Internet. I was at a Christmas party [...]

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