Maëlle Ricker’s Gold Medal Run – A Sponsor’s Perspective

by George Moen on March 9, 2010

Below is a section of an E-Mail that I wrote the day after Maëlle Ricker won her Gold Medal for the SBX on Feb 16th 2010. As one of her sponsors, we at Blenz Coffee were under very specific VANOC guidelines regarding any discussions and promotions regarding an Olympian, so we felt it was in Maëlle’s best interest to wait to post this for the world to see. Now that we have passed that date, we can share some of our thoughts and excitement around Maëlle’s great accomplishment.

March is Maëlle Ricker Month around the Blenz World. We have re-introduced the Maëlle Ricker Cup and we want to share with you a really cool online Map we have posted with comments about Maëlle and well about being Canadian. Check out:

Here is a piece of an E-Mail I wrote to the Blogging Team I am working withat Metro Blenz News Squad. (I will post about this great group of folks later).

My Personal Thoughts About Maëlle Ricker and Winning Gold:

“Yesterday started very early, and we worked our way to Cypress thru the pouring rain to watch the Ladies’ Snowboard Cross event – we were one of Maëlle Ricker’s main corporate sponsors. Imagine 4000 people huddling under cover made for 100, but we did and we were able to fight off the contenders until the rain stopped. At one point we called it Survivor Cypress! But we were a tough group and we made the cut. Between the rain and the fog, there were many delays, but we sure learned how Snowboard Cross really works.

We were up on the mountain with Adam & Kev, Maëlle’s official photogra- phers, and they did get some amazing shots, but I had to keep an eye on them – they were so hyped, I thought they were going to stroke out.

What you don’t get from TV is the drama. Maëlle fell on her first quali- fication run. You don’t just get the one shot, though! Her second quail- fication run did the trick. Then she had to go thru heats after she made the cut. So we came down to the final race, and Maëlle grabbed the early lead. It was funny – time just stopped and I had a 1 min 25 second “Zen moment”. (That’s the length of a fast race.) I was glued to the big screen following Maëlle, and I kept repeating “Don’t Fall – you have the Gold.” She crossed first, then we all lost it, celebrating with High-5′s and Oh, Canada, and then came the realization that Maëlle had become the first Canadian woman to win gold on Canadian soil, and she will always have that.

When you sponsor an athlete, particularly one with Olympic aspirations, you first consider the business aspects – how is it good for the Brand?
Then you work thru the rationalization of the investment. Then you really learn what it is all about. Alexandre Bilodeau, when interviewed after his gold medal win, said “no Olympian gets there on their own”. It takes a team to do great things.

At that point it became clear to me. We participate because we should when it comes to this type of program. Great things take great teams – like what we are doing on Metro Blenz News. This project is off to an amazing start.
We have the Gold when it comes to Social Media. We at the MBNS are really capturing and telling the story in a way the world has never seen before. Real People, Raw and Relevant. (Thanks, Ms B.)

Thank you, Maëlle, for taking us on your Golden journey. It is one memory that I will never forget…”Whatta Ride!” ;)


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