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I have spent a lot of time and energy perfecting a wide range of marketing techniques, business strategies and processes that over time have paid off in increased sales and successful companies. I continue to find ways to improve both my personal performance and company performance using existing and new found strategies. I share them on my Newsletter and it is FREE to my subscribers.

Below I have started to list some of the topics that you will read in the weeks ahead.

Shocking Stats On Local Search – Why I Took Twitter Local !

80% of budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home!  I have uncovered a number of key stats about local search and How I have used Twitter to “effectively” connect with my local customers You can to!

How To Become A Super Business Networker!

I describe how to go to a Networking event and “Network without expectations”  and come out with more quality leads. My 5 top tips to stress free networking.

Social Media – You Now Are A Media Company

Can’t afford to buy your own TV , Newspaper & Radio Empire to market your products. No worries using Social Media platforms like Twitter , Facebook & LinkedIN to you can level your playing field and help you build your own Media Empire.

Launch A Killer Marketing Program Today With Zero Budget

I provide 5 easy to follow steps that cost you sometime and no money that I use even today. Great for any startup or someone who wants great results on a limited budget.

Barter: A Powerful and Often Misunderstood Marketing Strategy

When you don’t have money how do you still market? I provide a inside look on how to use Barter in a very effective way.

Dot Tel – Best $20 I Have Ever Spent On Marketing

Most of my ideas are free but this one will cost you $ 20.00 per year and I show you how to drive great traffic to your online platforms like websites & blogs using a little known dot tel domain platform.

LinkedIn: The Perfect CRM for the Rapid CEO

LinkedIn is a constant stream of new business and new contacts and I give you my 5 Top Tips & Hints I used to get me 2500 quality contacts in just under a year.

And there is a lot more on the way!