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George Moen proudly describes himself as a Serial Entrepreneur. With more than 30 years of experience in food and franchising, he specializes in transitioning small businesses into big business success stories. He is one of the country’s most followed CEO’s in social media and speaks as a keynote or on numerous panels at a variety of events about franchising, entrepreneurship, business and social media.

His newest venture is Rapid Time Networks, a paid for performance business referral network. RTN helps entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes (vendors) sell their products and services through a motivated network of business professionals (affiliates) who earn a commission for each sale. By combining the use of technology and live meetings, RTN is growing across the Lower Mainland and beyond in a few short months with hundreds of members and deals already secured.

This quick success is no surprise given the experience George brings to the table. He was former President of Blenz Coffee from 2007 to 2012, using his expertise to grow the franchise to more than 100 locations around the world. As a socially motivated and motivating individual, George learned that his successes could most often be attributed to support from his long time friends and business contacts. Recognizing that people do business with people they know and trust, he became a proponent of the philosophy that by sharing your rolodex, you have the potential to build deep trust-based relationships. He co-founded High Output Business Networking an organization with a unique formula combing a powerful social networking platform with the very best elements of live weekly chapter meetings. Members connect on-line and off-line to build real human relationships that engender trust. HOBN grew to over 500 members in its first year, and is continuing to grow and prosper with multiple chapters across the province.

George entered into his first business venture in the 70’s while still a student at UBC studying marketing and commerce. With a couple of classmates, George launched the Sandwich Tree chain of restaurants, growing it to 100 franchise stores across Canada at its peak. While this venture has morphed significantly over the years, he still maintains interest in the chain. As a technically inclined individual, his curiosity was piqued as the internet gained a foothold in the business realm. As a result of that curiosity, George managed to successfully experience both the Dot.Boom and the Dot.Bomb. He continues to maximize the potential of the internet today with a growing success in social media and its marketing opportunities. As a sports aficionado, he partnered with former Vancouver Canucks player and coach Ryan Walter and developed a software program called Coaches Planner which is used by minor hockey league coaches.

George speaks at numerous events each month about franchising, entrepreneurship, business and social media. Some organizations he has spoken at include Small Business BC, Business in Vancouver, British Columbia Association of Integrated Marketers, Pacific Northwest Economic Conference, Shelf Space, University of BC, Simon Fraser University, BCIT, various Chambers of Commerce, and many more.

The final word from this Serial Entrepreneur: “I’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for learning – new ways to think about the world we work in and better ways to respond to an ever-changing marketplace. When you act only out of necessity, you’ll only achieve what’s necessary. I encourage everyone to pay attention, read, network, and stay connected to local, national and international mediums. Then pick your passion and pursue it.”